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What Is a Thread Lift

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A thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that involves the use of absorbable threads or sutures to tighten loose skin. It is a less invasive treatment for saggy skin, as opposed to facelift procedures that mostly remove the loosened or sagging part of the skin through cosmetic surgery.

Saggy or wrinkling skin is caused by different factors, but a major factor is a depletion in elastin or collagen produced by the body.

While this skin condition may become inevitable, its progress can be reduced through specialized treatments. With a commitment to helping people maintain their youth, Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic offers treatments to uneven skin through the best thread lift procedures in Sydney.

The tightening of the skin has the effect of pulling the sagged area together, thereby lifting the skin and making it smoother and more even. A thread lift procedure is effective for lifting both the skin on the face and breasts, although they are used more on the face. Major facial areas include:

  • The eyebrows
  • Jawline
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks

A thread lift is more effective on individuals who have little to mild skin laxity. Individuals with extreme skin laxity may require extra thread lifting or may need a full facelift. Thread lift procedures are primarily non surgical, although a cosmetic or plastic surgeon is required to perform the procedure because of the client’s safety and effectiveness. 

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Which Body Parts Are The Best Suited For a Thread Lift

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A thread lift procedure can be done on any part of the body. However, and based on patients’ needs or preferences, thread lift procedures are performed on certain body parts more often. These body parts include the jawline, the browline, and other parts of the face.

Jawline thread lift

A jawline thread lift treatment refers to the use of absorbable threads to tighten the surrounding skin of a patient’s jaw. The procedure aims to first get rid of jowls which is indicative of sagging skin around the jawline.

By and large, the procedure also triggers a healing process in that part of the body, causing a surge in the production of collagen. An increase in the production of collagen in the body assists with the natural tightening of the skin which makes the overall result less artificial and more balanced.

Eyebrow thread lift Sydney

An eyebrow thread lift is the introduction of threads into the surrounding skin of the eyebrows. The procedure tightens the particular brow line where the thread lifting is performed. Like jawline thread lifting, this cosmetic procedure also triggers a healing process that leads to the production of collagen.

However, an eyebrow thread lift is usually delicate and technical. Consequently, it is important to hire the services of a competent specialist. At Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, patients are put in the care of the best specialists with specific knowledge tailored to patients’ needs, and procedures are done at a comparatively reasonable cost and convenience.

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Thread face lift

Many people have only parts of their skin undergoing laxity. However, there are instances when almost every aspect of the face is getting lax and saggy either due to rapid aging, stress, or illness. It may be advised to get a thread face lift in such instances.

A thread face lift is akin to overall face treatment. Threads are used in tightening every prominent aspect of the face, ranging from the browline to the cheeks. The procedure is typically more convenient, less risky, and more cost-efficient than surgeries, although the overall effect may not be as profound as a face surgery.

Alternative treatments to a thread face lift include surgery, although such treatments may be more effective and risky, and it is important to consult a specialist. For consultations, interested persons can contact our team.

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Do I Need a Thread Lift Treatment or a Face Surgery

While thread lift treatments are effective in smoothening the skin, they are not the only effective procedures. Another effective procedure is facial surgery. However, there are large differences between thread lift procedures and other alternative treatments which include that:

  • Thread lifts are less invasive
  • Thread lifts are cost-effective
  • Facial surgeries have a longer-lasting effect
  • Thread lifts are less risky
  • Thread lifts require less care and minimal downtime
  • Thread lifts give a natural look
  • Thread lifts do not require a lot of local anaesthetic

Note that there are some instances when it is preferable to go for facial surgery and such instances include when a person has high skin laxity. However, it is important to visit a consultant before making such decisions as each decision has its pros and cons, particularly when the patient has other health conditions to take note of.

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Cost of Thread Lift at SkyBeauty Clinic

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The cost of thread lifting at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic hovers around $2,000. However, the cost can be paid in weekly installments, depending on the preference of the patient. This is comparatively reasonable when compared with the average price and payment structures offered by other beauty clinics.

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Why Choose Us?

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Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic offers adequate and effective thread lifting treatments that are uniquely based on patients’ needs.

In fulfilling this aim, we assess a patient’s skin laxity ratio and use the appropriate threads that will maximise tightening. In this regard, we use four different types of industry-approved threads.

We also understand the importance of time to our patients. Therefore, our non-invasive and non-surgical thread lifting procedures are done to reduce the possibility of any downtime. Any possible downtime will be communicated and we will also assist our patients in making the downtime end as quickly as possible.

Besides performing effective procedures, our cosmetic surgeons in Sydney also offer expert advice when consulted.

We are interested in improving your health and youth. All you have to do is choose us.


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For all the unanswered questions, visit these questions.

A single thread lift procedure typically lasts between 40 to 60 minutes.

Although a thread lift procedure is non surgical, it is usually performed by a competent cosmetic or plastic surgeon.

Thread lifting generally smoothens the skin in a less obvious but noticeable way, when compared to facial surgeries. As a result, you should expect a simple but noticeable change, as opposed to very elaborate changes which are only obtainable with facial surgeries.

No, the results of thread lifts are not permanent. Depending on the procedure and the thread used, they typically last for months or a few years. However, the skin does not immediately return to being saggy even after the effects begin to wear off.

You should consult your specialist on the things you need to do before going for thread lifting because your specialist can better advise you after considering your health.

However, here are some general tips:

  • Stay hydrated. Hydration helps your skin
  • Eat nutritional diets, preferably more of fruits
  • Exercise often, if possible
  • Avoid alcohol in-take, unless it is required for your health
  • Try to avoid stress
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