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Thermage FLX

Thermage FLX covers treatment of skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and the easing of other ageing symptoms. Book a FREE consultation for Thermage Sydney with Sky Beauty Clinic.

What is Thermage FLX?

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Thermage is a highly effective, non-surgical skin-tightening technology that firms loose skin. It promotes skin rejuvenation, by stimulating the production of collagen, a protein-based substance responsible for skin elasticity.

This non-invasive treatment is effective on all skin types and produces long-lasting visible results without downtime. Its credibility is validated by 2 million-plus Thermage treatments performed worldwide, coupled with 50-plus clinical studies and 70 patent applications established.

Thermage FLX works by delivering radio waves to your skin with the intent of heating it, which in turn creates micro-trauma to the skin, causing it to tighten up.

Thermage Flx

Treatment Sections

Cosmetic patients have individual target areas to be addressed. Often, the Thermage treatment centres on correcting disproportioned left and right sides of the face and body, using “lifting vectors.” These commonly targeted areas include:

The Eyes

The new Thermage FLX minimizes eye wrinkles and improves elasticity via elastin production in the layers of the skin. Cosmetic patients with sunken or droopy skin resulting from stress, ageing, sun damage, and other unfavourable factors can see improvements in no time, using the Thermage eye wrinkle treatment.

The Face

Thermage face tightening treatment promotes new collagen growth by stimulating the protein’s renewal process, making it an ideal non-surgical facelift procedure. Consequently, wrinkles, fine lines, and creases resulting from loose skin are eliminated.

The Body

Body-tightening procedures have never been easier and safer using Thermage treatment. The thermal-based proprietary technology creates a controlled warming effect that breaks down tissue while tightening the targeted area. It also eliminates discomfort and controls any risk of complications.

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Benefits of Thermage FLX

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Among its many benefits, Thermage skin treatment technology has been recently discovered to treat skin conditions like melasma, lichen planus, dermatitis herpetiformis, hyperpigmentation, and vitiligo.

No Surgery or Injection

The FDA-cleared Thermage system releases heat energy to the deep layers of your skin at a controlled rate, making it a non-invasive procedure. It is ideal for non-surgical facelifts, face tightening or contouring, and cellulite treatments, unlike surgical procedures that require injectable dermal fillers.

Quick Result

Results are visible immediately after treatment and extend over the course of six months. The radiofrequency energy breaks down the tissue as collagen production commences immediately, producing an instant effect.

Patient’s Comfort

The Thermage system is a painless procedure that utilizes vibrations that provides the treatment area with a cooling sensation. You don’t need an anaesthetic. Although minor irritation and flushing may occur, these effects are temporary. You should be totally fine after 24 hours.

Lasting Result

A single treatment can stimulate new collagen production for skin firming, of which results can last up to three years. Combine this treatment with recommended skincare regimen, including sunscreen application, will produce a more long-lasting effect.

Multiple Treatment Areas

Thermage skin and face tightening treatment apply to multiple areas, including the eyes, jawline, neck, and body. Using radiofrequency technology, it effectively treats all uneven skin tones and textures, unlike laser treatments.

thermage skin tightening

How It Works

The face and skin-tightening technology comprise Thermage™ FLX, a skin-treatment device that tightens and contours the skin using radiofrequency energy or RF energy. The FLX machine focuses this energy on the deep layers of the skin rich in collagen (protein-based fibres), heating them as it is applied. While it vibrates, the tip provides the top skin layer with a cooling sensation to prevent discomfort.

As the heat process commences, a contraction occurs based on a separation of scleroprotein and water molecules. The existing collagen fibres in the skin layers improve tissue structural support, reducing skin laxity. During the second phase, the skin tissue tightens further as the new collagen produced is restructured in the body.

This period may span a few months, during which the targeted area undergoes a secondary healing phase as the effects improve. Based on the Thermage™ safety process and results, many patients consider it an excellent skin rejuvenation option.

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Facts and Figures

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Several health specialists have compiled some noteworthy facts and figures concerning Thermage treatment.

  • The FLX procedure is quicker, compared to previous Thermage systems. It has 33% coverage of the skin surface, which reduces treatment duration by 25%.
  • Thermage treatment results are instant and last a couple of years or more.
  • Thermage skin treatment is available to cosmetic patients aged 20 to 50, including those who wish to maintain their scleroprotein levels (age 20 – 30) and those who want to tighten and lift saggy skin (age 40 – 50).
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Before and After Images

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How Much Does Thermage FLX Cost in Sydney?

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The cost of undergoing Thermage FLX procedures starts at $400 per week, for a total of four payments, depending on the treatment area and the recommended procedure. The upfront pricing includes no hidden fees. You can request a free consultation to get an accurate quote.

Thermage Flx

Why Choose Us?

Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic has cosmetic surgeons in Sydney with over 10 years of clinical experience, who offer personalised treatments using the minimally invasive and highly effective FLX procedure.

We perform treatments on an outpatient basis at our comfortable state-of-the-art clinic in Haymarket, Sydney CBD, New South Wales (NSW). Our specialists create customised programs for daily skin treatment routines, understanding that skincare is essential to overall health.

Kindly schedule a free consultation with us to ask questions about our services and see that Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic is more than just a cosmetic centre.


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For all the unanswered questions, visit these questions.

Thermage uses monopolar radiofrequency technology to heat the deep underlying tissues, causing the skin tissues to constrict. This then stimulates the production of protein-based fibres, slowing down the ageing process. It is specially designed for light to moderate pigmentation and skin laxity. Additionally, it is suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Thermage systems are safe, with adverse effects next to none. However, some potential side effects exist, including flushness, soreness, burning, inflammation, bruising, and skin irregularities, in areas such as the jawline. These effects vanish within a short period.

One of the aims of Thermage skin-treatment technology is to remove the signs of ageing without causing downtime. Since there is no downtime, you can resume your activities almost immediately.

If you intend to treat fine lines and wrinkles, a single treatment is enough to get the desired result. Importantly, find a competent and certified cosmetologist, and ensure that you are not allergic to dermatological treatments.

Thermage procedure duration is based on the individual ageing process and post-treatment care quality. It may span one to three years. You can enhance skin tone and texture by undergoing top-up procedures once a year and combine them with other non-invasive treatments or new Thermage procedures.

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