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The most effective double eyelid surgery in Sydney

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Double eyelid surgery is a form of surgery that involves creating creases in the upper eyelid in order to restore a youthful look, and we offer the most successful double eyelid surgery in Sydney at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic.

Wondering where to get the best double eyelid surgery in Sydney?

If you’re looking for the best double eyelid surgery in Sydney, we stand out not only because we take great care and precision to ensure that you get the look you want based on your personal preferences, but we also make sure that each of our clients experience the best and safest double eyelid surgery in Sydney.

At Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, we help you to regain the radiant and vibrant appearance of your eyes, using a surgical procedure called Blepharoplasty, which treats droopy eyelids by removing extra fat, muscle and skin from the upper and lower eyelids.

Double eyelid surgery is a type of Blepharoplasty that typically only involves the upper eyelid.  This surgery operates by increasing the distance between the upper and lower eyelids, forming a crease in the upper eyelid and thereby making the eye appear larger.

Blepharoplasty is also appropriate for people who are experiencing vision issues as a result of sagging skin around the eyes.

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What are the benefits of eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty?

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Eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, may be used to improve the appearance of the eyes. Some of the benefits of Blepharoplasty include:

  • It’s a perfect way to boost the shape and appearance of your eyes, as well as give your whole face a more youthful appearance.
  • Upper eyelid surgery improves your self-confidence by removing droopy eyelid skin around your upper eyelids that makes you look tired and older.
  • Lower eyelid surgery removes eye bags, caused by excess skin and tissues under the eyes, which can give you a tired look.
  • An improved field of vision for people with sagging eyelids.
  • Removes signs of ageing from your face for a more elegant and youthful look.
  • The scars are normally concealed within the natural folds of your eyelids, giving you a great-looking result.
  • Upper eyelid surgery typically lasts 5 to 7 years, if not longer, and does not prevent the skin from aging.
  • The amount of fine lines around the outer corner and lower lid of the eye can be reduced with upper and lower eyelid surgery.

What are the benefits of Asian eyelid surgery?

Monolid, a condition in which there is no normal fold in the upper eyelid between the eyebrow and the eyelids, is treated with Asian eyelid surgery.

The term Asian eyelid surgery relates to the fact that this condition is quite common in Asian communities. The following are some of the advantages of Asian eyelid surgery:

  • The technique helps to create a more westernized eye look
  • The blepharoplasty procedure can greatly improve the overall shape and appearance of the eyes.
  • It aids in the reduction of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.
  • Asian eyelid surgery gives you a more youthful appearance around your eyes, making you appear less tired.
  • This technique enhances your natural facial features, giving you a more youthful appearance and improving your social abilities.
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What are the best techniques for eyelid surgery

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Eyelid surgery uses a number of techniques. The technique used by your cosmetic surgeon can, however, be determined by the sort of eyelid treatment you’re receiving. Fortunately, our surgeons are well-versed in the most effective procedures for each surgery.

Some of the techniques used for eyelid surgery include:

  • Bilateral Blepharoplasty is a traditional eyelid treatment that removes excess skin from both the lower and upper eyelids to rejuvenate the eyes completely. This technique can be done on either the lower or upper eyelid alone, for people who have sagging skin and wrinkles that show signs of ageing. The scars usually heal into a thin line between the natural crease of the eyes.
  • The most common eyelid procedure, full incision double eyelid surgery, is preferable to others because it can improve the appearance of the eyelids while still addressing the symptoms of ageing. This method creates long-lasting effects and can be used on any eye shape.
  • Partial incision double eyelid surgery, normally entails making a small incision on the eyelid to remove excess fat tissue and loose muscle tissues, accompanied by tightening the muscles to form a crease.
  • Inner corner eyelid surgery or epicanthoplasty, is normally performed along with blepharoplasty in order to help open up and expand the eyes by removing the Mongolian fold in the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Outer corner eyelid surgery, also known as lateral canthoplasty, is often combined with blepharoplasty to tighten the outer corners of the lower eyelids.
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Laser vs Scalpel Techniques

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Although both laser and scalpel techniques can be used to perform highly effective eyelid surgery, you can decide to select between the two, based on your consultation with your cosmetic surgeon.

Blepharoplasty is typically performed using a scalpel to make incisions and extract excess fat, as well as a laser to smooth out fine wrinkles and tighten the skin under the eyelid.

Here are some comparisons of laser and scalpel techniques.

  • A scalpel causes little or no tissue damage, while a laser causes thermal tissue damage.
  • When a laser is used, it causes thermal damage, which causes further swelling and bruising around the face.
  • When a laser is used instead of a scalpel, there is less bleeding during the surgical procedure since the laser slightly burns the tissues and coagulates the vessels.
  • Lasers produce heat which can lead to burns that can distort the eyelids or injure the eyeballs if not properly managed.
  • Since the cosmetic surgeon must make an incision along the folds to remove the excess skin and fat, scalpels typically have a longer recovery period with more swelling and bruising.
  • Your cosmetic surgeon’s ability and experience determine the effectiveness of your surgical or invasive procedure, and thankfully, at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, we have the best surgeons to help you enhance your unique features.
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Upper vs Lower vs Double eyelid surgeries
and how they are different

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The upper section of the eyes is normally where upper eyelid surgery is performed. In this procedure, an incision is made along the fold of the eyes to remove excess skin and muscles, and the cut is then closed with scars concealed under the crease.

This surgical procedure can also be used to treat conditions where the upper eyelids droop too close to the pupil. The surgeon can perform a blepharoplasty with ptosis in this procedure, which provides additional support to the eyebrow muscles.

Lower eyelid surgery is usually done to improve the appearance of the eyes.

A cut below the lashes in the natural eye crease or just inside the lower lid is typically needed for this surgical procedure. Before closing the cut, the surgeon removes any extra fat, muscle, or sagging skin.

Asian eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery is a surgical technique used to treat monolid, a condition common in Asian cultures. Monolid is a condition in which there is no normal fold in the upper eyelid between the eyelashes and the eyebrow.

After measuring and marking the proposed double eyelid lie, several small incisions will be made along the line, and fat tissues will be removed between the incisions until it is closed with skin glue or stitches. However, the stitches will have to be removed in a couple of days.

It’s important to remember that your cosmetic surgeon will administer local anaesthesia to help you relax before the operation.

What is upper eyelid surgery?

Upper eyelid surgery is a form of blepharoplasty that focuses on the upper eyelid and is used to enhance the appearance of the eyes as well as vision loss caused by ageing or genetics.

This type of surgical procedure will help to restore the youthful appearance of the face as well as the functionality of the eyes.

What is lower eyelid surgery?

Lower eyelid surgery is mostly carried out solely for cosmetic purposes.

Sagging skin or lines under the eyes may be improved with lower eyelid surgery. This operation is often performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as upper eyelid surgery.

What is double eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is a procedure that involves creating a fold or crease in the upper eyelid where one does not already exist.

This procedure is used to create double eyelids, which alters the shape and appearance of the eyelids.

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What is the procedure for eyelid surgery?

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  • You must first book a consultation to discuss your medical history and your expectations from the surgical procedure before scheduling blepharoplasty.
  • Before the procedures, you’ll undergo a physical and visual examination of your eyes as well as eyelid photography.
  • You’ll also be advised to stop smoking and any medicine or supplement that can increase bleeding
  • If you choose an outpatient procedure, you should plan for someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first night following the procedure.
  • The surgeon will prescribe local anaesthesia to help you relax before the procedures.
  • During the procedure, the surgeon generally works to remove excess skin before closing the cut.
  • You’ll spend some time in the recovery room after surgery, where you’ll be checked for complications. You will, however, be able to leave on the same day of surgery to recover at home, with full guidance and instructions from your surgeon or doctor, on how to take care of yourself.
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How much does eyelid surgery cost in Australia?

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Cost of the eyelid surgery can be a concern in most cases, that’s why at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic our main priority is to make this surgery as affordable as possible but ensuring the highest possible standards.

The cost of eyelid surgery is normally determined by your specific needs and the treatment that is most appropriate for you. Fortunately, at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, you can get a personalized price quote, starting from $2000 and pay on a weekly basis without incurring any interest.

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Is lower eyelid surgery worth it?

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Each case is different but seeing the smiles of our patients, the answer, most probably will be, yes.That’s because the lower eyelid surgery is usually performed for aesthetic reasons and to restore the elegant, youthful look. Hence, it is well worth the effort.

So, if you wish to proceed, the next step would be to schedule a Free consultation with one of our experts. Simply click here and book a consultation now.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In this section, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The recovery period after double eyelid surgery will last up to two weeks after the incisional procedure. It can, however, take several months for the cut to heal fully.

If you’re having both upper and lower eyelid surgery, the procedure normally takes 2 hours.

There is no ideal age for eyelid surgery. However, you need to be at least 18 years old to undergo eyelid surgery.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery costs vary depending on your specific needs and desires, but eyelid surgery at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic starts at just $2000.

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