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Dark Circle Treatments

Searching for the best dark circle treatments in Sydney? We provide top-notch dark circles laser treatment. Book for a FREE consultation today.

Dark Under Eye Circles Laser Treatment in Sydney

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Struggling with dark under eye circles? And you probably know that having enough rest or a good night’s sleep isn’t enough. Luckily for you, our dark circle treatment is a confidence booster thanks to the best experts in their field.

At Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, we offer the best dark circles treatment Sydney has to offer, giving you a more radiant and youthful appearance.

Not only do we use specialized treatment procedures for patients, but we also make use of leading technologies that guarantee efficiency and convenience, one of which is the Fotona 4D Pro laser. The Fotona 4D Pro Laser is a device that uses laser technology to eliminate pockets of fat around the eyes while the heat stimulates collagen production for natural tightening and smoothness.

Dark Circle Treatments

Are you looking for the best treatment of dark circles in Sydney?

If you’re looking for the best treatment for dark under eye circles in Sydney, then you have found the right web page.

At Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, our experienced cosmetic surgeons, with years of experience, use lasers to treat dark under eye circles by focusing high or low intensity light on the targeted areas of the face.

The Fotona 4D Pro laser has different laser configurations to achieve different results. One is the dermal collagen stimulating laser has the effect of triggering collagen production in the applied area for natural skin tightening, since loose skin is a major cause of eye bags. On the other hand, the gentle skin resurfacing laser works on the surface area where applied and is used to smoothen out the surface of the skin. This laser is most effective for treating wrinkles and dark spots without the need for incisions or surgeries. In some cases, both lasers are used.

The efficiency of laser treatments varies depending on the form of dark under eye circles being handled. Treatment for dark under eye circles is usually determined by the type of dark circle, which is classified based on its appearance:

  • Pigmented dark circles are usually brown in nature and are caused by the production and distribution of excessive skin melanin.
  • Vascular dark circles have bue, pink or purple discolorations including puffiness and are usually caused by visible veins that appear due to thinning of the skin, slower blood circulation and fluid retention.
  • Mixed dark circles result as a combination of pigmentation and vascular factors.

Since each type of laser is best for a specific type of dark eye circle, correctly recognizing your dark circles can help you get the best results from your treatment.

Dark Circle Treatments

What Causes Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

Puffiness and darkening of the skin under the eyes are known as dark circles, and they usually cause cosmetic issues. This occurs when the skin under the eyes is normally thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face.

Some causes of dark circles under the eyes include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Exposure to sun
  • Genetics
  • Fluid retention
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Smoking
  • Excessive rubbing of the eye area
  • Trauma
  • Weight loss due to aging
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What Technology is Used for This Treatment?

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When it comes to treating dark circles, there are several types of laser treatments, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. There are different types of laser treatments for dark eye circles, which include:

  • Ablative lasers (carbon dioxide laser treatment and garnet laser treatment). This treatment works to remove the outer layers of the skin, which may sometimes contain excess melanin.
  • Non-ablative lasers (pulsed dye lasers, Q-switched lasers and fractional lasers). Without removing the top layer of skin, this treatment targets excess melanin and circulation problems under the skin around the eye area.

Both lasers work beneath the surface of the skin to activate underlying tissues and promote collagen development, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

Another effective laser treatment device is the Fotona 4D Pro laser. The Fotona 4D device is equipped with different ‘dimensions’. These dimensions refer to lasers which are best applicable for certain areas of the body, ranging from the mouth to the surface of the skin. The appropriate ‘dimension’ the machine will be configured to depends on the patients’ health and desire result.

Fortunately, our experienced cosmetic surgeons are trained in the use of advanced laser technologies, including the Fotona 4D Pro laser. These technologies are used to treat dark eye circles and other applicable areas of the body. These laser treatments also stimulate the production of collagen which can give the skin around the eyes a smoother and firmer appearance.

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What is the Best Treatment for Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

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Although there are several treatments for dark eye circles, at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, we use laser treatments, which is by far the most effective treatment for dark circles.

Laser treatments vaporize damaged cells using heat energy. It’s also possible to target the darker pigment under the eyes.

Some advantages of using laser treatment include:

  • In addition to lightening darker skin tones, laser treatments can also induce new collagen formation.
  • It usually involves only a one time procedure
  • It tightens the skin and lowers the chances of developing skin cancer.
  • Removes dark circles around the eye area
  • It brightens the skin and fades acne scars.
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How Do You Get Rid of Dark Circles Permanently?

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Several remedies for dark eye circles are readily available, ranging from over-the-counter medication and creams to non-invasive laser therapy. Laser therapy, on the other hand, is the most successful way of treating dark circles.

At Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, a  laser beam is normally passed across the surface of the skin to remove dark circles, softly and precisely rubbing away unwanted cells one layer at a time.

For patients’ safety and convenience, Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic uses the most efficient and generally trusted laser technologies such as the Fotona 4D Laser Pro. These devices have different laser configurations that are efficient for different levels of skin unevenness. However, specialists at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic are competent in using this technology and similar technologies while also administering customized care.

Generally, these laser treatments tighten the skin and encourage collagen development in the skin around the eyes, giving you a more youthful and radiant appearance.

We at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic are willing to offer you convenient and effective treatments to your dark circles, eye bags, and similar conditions. All you have to do is schedule a consultation with one of our professional cosmetic surgeons today.

Dark Circle Treatments

Can Laser Treatment Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Dark circles can be easily removed with laser treatments. Furthermore, depending on the type of dark circle that occurs under your eyes, our specialist physicians decide the best laser treatment to help you achieve a brighter facial appearance.

For someone struggling with pigmented dark circles, a carbon dioxide (CO2) ablative laser as well as garnet ablative can be used to encourage collagen development and tighten the skin around the affected areas.

A more recent ablative laser treatment technique in which heat is used to damage small microscopic zones of the skin. This technique strategically sculpts tissue and reshapes the surface skin, strengthening the body’s natural collagen development mechanism as the skin regenerates to seal up each damaged region.

Pulsed dye non-ablative laser therapy, which targets and shrinks blood vessels to reduce the appearance of vasculature-based marks on the skin, can also be used to treat vascular dark circles.

Q switched non-ablative lasers may be used to treat dark eye circles caused by hyperpigmentation. They concentrate light and heat to damage a specific area of skin around the eyes while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

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How Much is Laser Treatment for Dark Circles?

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The cost of laser treatment for dark eye circles varies based on your location, treatment and the type of laser employed for the treatment.

However, you can book a consultation with one of our cosmetic surgeons in Sydney right now to assess your treatment options and obtain a free price quote.


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There are several treatments for dark eye circles, ranging from home remedies to over-the-counter medication and creams.

However, the most successful treatment for dark circles is laser treatment, which is clinically performed at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic using cutting-edge technology.

The most effective treatment for dark eye circles is laser treatment as this procedure uses professionally advanced technology to produce smoother and longer lasting results on the face.

To permanently get rid of dark circles, you may opt for a non invasive laser treatment to boost the production of your body’s own collagen and tighten the skin around the eyes.

Yes, laser treatments can be used to remove dark circles under the eyes and tighten the skin, giving a smoother appearance.

Although, after laser treatments, you may experience some swelling, itchiness, redness or bruising based on the type of laser used, laser treatments are generally safe for patients.

Additionally, your doctor can apply a topical anesthetic to the affected areas prior to treatment to ensure comfort during the procedure.

The cost of laser treatment for dark circles varies depending on the type of treatment you receive; fortunately, you can make an appointment with one of our experts at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney to discuss your treatment options and costs.

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