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What is Body Contouring?

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Body contouring is a non surgical method of eliminating pockets of fat that are present in the body. It is typically used to further straighten parts of the body that are slightly rougher due to fat deposits that are causing skin unevenness.

Along with other effective and preferred procedures, Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic offers body contouring procedures and cellulite treatments based on patients’ needs. Interested persons in Sydney can contact the clinic for consultation or any of the treatments for a better skin texture and overall skin smoothness.

Body contouring procedures are typically for patients after a weight loss because the procedure focuses on eliminating pockets of fat, as opposed to large fat deposits. Despite this, patients with high body fat can still undergo body contouring although the procedure might be more extensive and take a longer time.

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Types of Body Contouring

Types of body contouring refer to the procedures or treatments used to achieve fat reduction or elimination. They include:

  • Heat and laser treatment
  • Cold or freezing treatment
  • Injection lipolysis
  • Radiofrequency and ultrasound treatments
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Procedures for Body Contouring

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There are different procedures to achieving the reduction or elimination of stubborn fat cells. Each procedure is unique and may require a separate technology, device, or method of execution.

Regardless, these procedures include:

  • Heat treatment: Under this procedure, the pockets of fat are exposed to a degree of heat. The heat neutralises the fat to the point that it is either absorbed by the body or flushed out.
  • Laser Treatment: While the heat treatment focuses on a large surface area of the skin, the laser treatment focuses on specific parts of the skin containing pockets of fat and neutralising the fat.
  • Cold or freezing treatment: This is when the specialist exposes the fat cells to a degree of cold until the cells crystalise and are broken down by the body.
  • Injection lipolysis: This involves the injection or infusion of specific acids into the body to deal with remnant fat. The technology behind this is similar to laser treatment because it deals directly with unwanted fat.
  • Radiofrequency and ultrasound: This is similar to heat treatment. It involves the use of energy-created heat or controlled heating on the particular region where unwanted fat is noticed. This also results in the neutralisation of the fat for the body to flush or absorb.

Depending on the patient’s needs, one procedure might be enough to achieve the desired result. In some other cases, the specialist might use multiple procedures.

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Surgical Procedures and Cellulite Treatment Sydney

Cellulite is a skin condition in which pockets of fat get overlaid into the deep tissues in a particular region of the body. It largely causes skin unevenness or roughness.

Cellulite can be nonsurgically treated through body contouring procedures. While there may be other treatment options for cellulite, a body contouring procedure is typically more ideal based because:

  • It does not take much time
  • The procedure is comparatively less painful than most alternative treatments like surgeries
  • The cost is reasonable
  • Results have a more natural look, among other things.

In Sydney Australia, Sky Beauty Cosmetic clinic has competent specialists that offer medically sound advice regarding these choices. Interested individuals can book an appointment for a consultation.

Note that some fees might be required for consultation and these fees may vary too.

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Leg Tightening

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While fat can gather around any part of the body, it typically gathers in the hips and thighs region and down to the legs. This causes roughness around either the hips, thighs, or legs. In some cases, this skin roughness starts from the hips and is visible down to the legs.

A solution to this is the rejuvenation of the skin through skin tightening around the legs. This results in straightening out the fat in the affected region, such as the hips, thighs, legs, or the hips down to the legs, and making it generally smoother. Consequently, the results of the procedure are more obvious for patients with a recent substantial weight loss.

In addition to skin tightening, the specialist may also make use of other procedures to trim and tone the leg skin for a better outlook.  

Cellulite fat removal

What’s the Cost of Body Contouring in Sydney?

The cost for body contouring in Sydney varies, depending on the procedure used and the expectations of the client.

However, they typically cost between $1,000 and $3,000. Compared to surgical procedures, body contouring is cost-effective. Note that some clinics charge consultation fees separately.

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Why Choose Sky Beauty Cosmetic
Clinic for Body Sculpting Sydney

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Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic offers specialised and effective contouring treatments in Sydney. The clinic has some of the best minds in the areas of dermatology, cosmetics, and plastic surgery.

Besides the personalised treatment, specialists at Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic constantly find improved ways to help patients get the fat reduction and skin tightening and toning results they want, among other things. A reflection of this constant improvement is the use of the Evolve treatment device. The device offers skin tightening, trimming, and toning, depending on patients’ needs and health conditions.

The Evolve technology, in addition to the procedures developed by specialists, delivers comparatively safer, quicker, and painless skin improvement results. At Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, patients can also request extra care and more specialised treatment for more desirable and specific results such as skin smoothening and elasticity.

Sky Beauty Cosmetic Clinic’s team of cosmetic surgeons in Sydney is committed to helping clients have safe treatments and overall skin improvement. Interested persons can book an appointment for a consultation at their convenience for inquiries on available procedures, relevant procedures, and costs.


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For all the unanswered questions, visit these questions.

Although this procedure does not involve surgery, a surgeon is typically needed because of the technicality of the procedure and the need to measure its effectiveness.

Surgeons that typically perform body sculpting are plastic or cosmetic surgeons. A dermatologist may also be a specialist, depending on their medical specialization.

Ensure the person performing the sculpting procedure on you is a specialist in this area and the person has had successful procedures in the past.

Yes, it does. Although the results are not immediate and may take a while, they become noticeable and sometimes obvious. The effectiveness of the procedure will also depend on the fat being reduced or eliminated and the number of treatments administered.

The fat is usually flushed or absorbed by the body system. However, contouring of the body is more effective for individuals who do not have a lot of weight or individuals that just substantially lost weight.

Contouring is not a method of losing weight. It only deals with pockets of fat and not a lot of fat.

People who want to substantially lose weight need to either consult with a specialist, change their diet, exercise, go for surgery, or even do everything aforelisted.

The manifestation of the results depends on the procedure and the needs of the patient. They may take weeks or months.

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